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In the world of crypto trading, spot trading is a continuous Process of buying and selling tokens and coins at a spot price For immediate settlement. A trader intends to gain profits from Market fluctuations in crypto trading by trading their tokens In a spot market. In this trading method, individuals use lower Time frames and make more profit through several yet small Trades.
As a spot trader, you do not need to hold coins for too long as It seems a profitable tactic to gain multiple small profits within a Day. Besides, you can use the paper trading option available on Multiple exchanges to get an understanding of the market

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The platform, built on blockchain technology, works with smart contracts and allows you to open up 100% opportunities to generate profits. Absence of administrators and centralized forms of management allows the community to be as free and independent as possible.


SECURITY smart contracts not only instantly distribute profits to the participants' wallets, but also provide a guarantee of security from outside interference, while confirming that the Platform has no balances, withdrawals, or commissions.



There are no limits on the amount of income, there are no commissions from the Platform itself either.The efficiency provided by is beyond competition, the cross-platform and functional interfaces make your Business more comfortable.



The open aspects of readable source code and easily viewable transactions on blockchain are not only a guarantee of the security of receiving income, but also of transparency. This allows you to track allthe actions and statistics of the platform (and) as well as view any account in real-time.



It's nevertoo late to get started with Planet. The platform proves that even a freshly registered member can make tens and thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks or even days!

What is decentralization?

What are its benefits and advantages? Decentralized marketing is created on an automated contract that guarantees you maximum security and stability.

A smart contract is an algorithm with automatic execution. It exists inside the Smart Chain blockchain*, which is one of the top cryptocurrencies. Smart contracts, like cryptocurrencies themselves, are decentralized. They work strictly according to a certain program, and once they are launched, it is impossible to change their mode of operation. The code that determines the logic of a smart contract is written in a blockchain, and all calculations are performed by millions of computers around the world. This ensures that a smart contract cannot be hacked or stopped.

* Blockchain is an immutable register of transactions and information, protected from any further manipulation by cryptographic methods. It is simultaneously maintained by thousands of independent computers around the world.



BUSD is a cryptocurrency with a fixed exchange rate that is equal to $1. 5 benefits of BUSD for Planet:

  • Fixed Cost. Your Planet performance is no longer affected by rate fluctuations and market corrections.
  • All the opportunities that cryptocurrency provides. BUSD token can be exchanged for any cryptocurrency on DEX exchangers with negligible fees in a couple of clicks.
  • Simple calculations. Registration fees, upgrades, and cycles are now specified in US Dollar equivalents
  • Precise planning. You can accurately track costs and estimate results without wasting time converting from one unit to another.
  • Protection of participants' interests. BUSD is fully backed by the US Dollar at a ratio of 1:1 and can always be exchanged for Dollars.

About Planetin has about members who have changed their lives by teaming up and becoming financially independent. Each member has created their own highly profitable and risk-free Online Cryptocurrency Earning Business!
We are software programmers for the Last 15 years from cayman island (north America) we have research & developers In investment portfolio, blockchain Technology, artificial intelligence (ai), And gaming. This software created by Our own international experts with Risk control asset and latest Technology based on private innovative Technical system.

  • Efficiency and productivity gains.
  • Better quality and reduction of human Error
  • Smarter technology for all - greater Innovations.
Business Plan

Planetin Busd Marketing


We have 15 slots from 25-10000 BUSD

Cost of 1st Slot 25 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 10Busd
L-1 3.75Busd
L-2 1.5Busd
L-3 1.5Busd
L-4 1.5Busd
L-5 1.5Busd
L-6 1.5 Busd
Auto 0.75Busd
Gift 2.5Busd

Cost of 2nd Slot 60 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 24Busd
L-1 9Busd
L-2 3.6Busd
L-3 3.6 Busd
L-4 3.6Busd
L-5 3.6Busd
L-6 3.6Busd
Auto 2.5Busd
Gift 6Busd

Cost of 3rd Slot 80 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 32Busd
L-1 12Busd
L-2 4.8Busd
L-3 4.8Busd
L-4 4.8Busd
L-5 4.8Busd
L-6 4.8Busd
Auto 3.5Busd
Gift 8Busd

Cost of 4th Slot 100 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 40Busd
L-1 15Busd
L-2 6Busd
L-3 6Busd
L-4 6Busd
L-5 6Busd
L-6 6Busd
Auto 4.40Busd
Gift 10Busd

Cost of 5th Slot 200 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 80Busd
L-1 30Busd
L-2 14Busd
L-3 14Busd
L-4 14Busd
L-5 14Busd
L-6 14Busd
Auto 9.30Busd
Gift 10Busd

Cost of 6th Slot 300 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 120Busd
L-1 45Busd
L-2 20Busd
L-3 20Busd
L-4 20Busd
L-5 20Busd
L-6 20Busd
Auto 14Busd
Gift 20Busd

Cost of 7th Slot 400 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 160Busd
L-1 60Busd
L-2 28Busd
L-3 28Busd
L-4 28 Busd
L-5 28Busd
L-6 28Busd
Auto 19Busd
Gift 20Busd

Cost of 8th Slot 500 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 200Busd
L-1 75Busd
L-2 35Busd
L-3 35Busd
L-4 35Busd
L-5 35 Busd
L-6 35 Busd
Auto 23Busd
Gift 25Busd

Cost of 9th Slot 750 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 300Busd
L-1 112.5Busd
L-2 53Busd
L-3 53Busd
L-4 53 Busd
L-5 53Busd
L-6 53Busd
Auto 37.5Busd
Gift 35Busd

Cost of 10th Slot 1000 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 400Busd
L-1 150Busd
L-2 70 Busd
L-3 70Busd
L-4 70Busd
L-5 70Busd
L-6 70Busd
Auto 50Busd
Gift 50 Busd

Cost of 11th Slot 1500 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 600Busd
L-1 225Busd
L-2 105Busd
L-3 105Busd
L-4 105Busd
L-5 105Busd
L-6 105Busd
Auto 67Busd
Gift 75Busd

Cost of 12th Slot 2000 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 800Busd
L-1 300Busd
L-2 140Busd
L-3 140 Busd
L-4 140Busd
L-5 140 Busd
L-6 140Busd
Auto 91Busd
Gift 100 Busd

Cost of 13th Slot 2500 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 1000Busd
L-1 375Busd
L-2 175Busd
L-3 175Busd
L-4 175Busd
L-5 175Busd
L-6 175Busd
Auto 115Busd
Gift 125Busd

Cost of 14th Slot 5000 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 2000Busd
L-1 750Busd
L-2 350 Busd
L-3 350Busd
L-4 350Busd
L-5 350Busd
L-6 350Busd
Auto 240Busd
Gift 250Busd

Cost of 15th Slot 10000 BUSD

Distributions plan as below:-

D 4000Busd
L-1 1500Busd
L-2 700Busd
L-3 700Busd
L-4 700Busd
L-5 700Busd
L-6 700Busd
Auto 490Busd
Gift 500Busd

Download Business Plan


Frequently Ask Question

  • Why is a better option than trading?

    You don't need to depend on the market situation, you get the asset itself, not just catching an exchange rate difference based on the price movements.
    You can never get liquidated or get your positions expired, your participation in the marketing is recorded forever.
    Your potential results in are unlimited, and they depend only on your own efforts and marketing activity.
    Your assets are always under your control — there are no intermediaries, never stores or manages your funds. is not a middleman — it is a smart-contract. All your results are automatically in your own wallet that you control.
    You can start small and grow exponentially, the entry is affordable and cheap as two cups of coffee.

  • Is safe? website is just an interface for a convenient use of the smart-contract. All your data is recorded in the blockchain and completely secure. You can also interact with the smart contract directly, without a website interface. But in order to avoid phishing websites, we always recommend double checking the website address spelling —

  • How much does it cost to register with

    The cost of activating the first slot with marketing level plan with Binance Smart Chain.
    In Binance Smart Chain, the first slots in cost 25 BUSD (network fee in BNB is not included).

  • Where can I go for help if I don't understand anything?

    You can learn more about and how it works in the Community and Academy. The Academy courses are free. To get full access to all the materials, you have to sign up on the website.
    What is
    A basic guide to marketing
    How to buy crypto
    You can also ask for help in a chat with a expert.

  • Do I need special knowledge or equipment to interact with the platform?

    All you need to interact with the platform is a smartphone or a computer. No special knowledge or equipment is required.

  • Can I join if I know only one language?

    Absolutely! The community is international, and chances are we have members from your country. But if you know English, then your opportunities for success are even better.

  • Where do I start?

    Sign up on the website to get access to the Academy and Community.
    Read the technical guides and marketing articles to sort everything out.
    Activate your first slots in the program with 25 BUSD.